Service Delivery

On child protection, Sauti ya mtoto Foundation(SMF), promotes improved and quality services during early childhood development, facilitates implementation of the Law of marriage Act No. 5 of 1971, The Law of child Act No. 21 of 2009 and The Ant-trafficking in persons Act No. 6 of 2008.
We further offer counselling and guidance services to families with matrimonial conflicts, help to identify most vulnerable children for referral to care units, support and protection where appropriate, planning for resettlement and /or reunification of displaced children with parents or Guardians and scrutinize applications for foster care and adoption services.
In institutions such as schools and health centers, SMF offer a range of services including improved access to water, Sanitation and hygiene.
Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation further strengthens, upscale and sustains structures for children’s participation school clubs, increase accountability to prevent and reduce violence against children in public spaces and work places as well as increase Advocacy allocations for child protection.