Our Structure

Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation(SMF) is a member based organisation with its suprime decision makers vested to its members.Members meets once annually during Annual General Meeting (AGM) along with AGM,Sauti ya Mtoto foundation(SMF) is managed and adviced by a team of Nine Board Members who conduct four meeting in the year,but do meet at any time when need arises.

Reporting to the Board is the executive director who is heading the secretaliat by overseeing daily activities of the organisation.

Additionally,Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation has a team of 3 multidisplinary experts who forms Techinical Advisory Committee that advice the secretariat on all technical matters regularly.Its programme manager who manages all programs of the organisation in collaboration with project assitant manager(s) and Training assitant(s) and consultant and field staff(S).

The organisation has  the Finance and Administration Manager(FAM) Who manages all finance and administration matters in collaboration with proect accontant(S) and other officers.

The organisation has also Communication and Dissemination manager(s) who manage all communication web/social media in collaboration with public relation manager(S) and membership cordinator.

link-download(oganisation structure)