Environmental conservation & Natural   resource management(NRM)

Environmental conservation,As Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation we always work to sensitize childern and community of issues concerning environmental conservation,where by SMF it always encourage the environment to be used in a way that is sustainable,eduction is given out to our community and we believe that by using the environment sustainably,it won’t be destroyed for good,meaning we can go on beneftting from it for year to come.Naturally,environmental concervation comes in many different forms,as there are a fair few areas to cover,from recycling household waste, to replanting trees,to educating childrens and other community about how to take care the environment themselves.

Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation(SMF),we always sensitize children by protecting our sorroundings like this,we are in turn protecting ourselves,as in keeping the earth healthly,we re preserving it for humans.

Natural resource management(NRM),Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation(SMF) empower children and community on protection and improvement of environmental asserts includes soils,water,vegetation and biodiversity.