Most  of  children in Tanzania mainland, especially in the village they fail to receive educution because  most of the family are poor,illiterate,lack of social services including school,health service,transport and communication,safe water and electricty. Sauti ya mtoto foundation(SMF),aims to use seminars and advocacy provide basic education to children,parents and society at large,by educating them on different issues concerning early marriages, forced marriages,child labour,early pregnancies by educating them the impact and the effect to children in their life, and also providing social services to childern inluding candle light so as they can also manage to study at night.

Heath sevices.

Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation (SMF) empowers children ,parents, guardians and the communities to protect themselves from sexual transmited deseases as well as promoting access to precise information regarding quality ,equitable,affordable and acceptable contraception methods.We educate children on how to prevent early pregnancies,early marriages and domestic violence against children in our communities.

We provide access to equitable,quality and affordable heathcare services to marginalized communities.