Child Protection

In Tanzania, Violence against  Children (VAC) Is a daily reality for large number of Children and do take direct and in direct forms. Tanzania’s first national study  conducted on violence Againist Children  (VAC,2009 report) highlighted the dramatic high prevalence rate of sexual,physical and emotional violence as well as neglect experienced in childhood with almost 75% of children aged 13 to 17.Almost three-quarter of both females and males reported experiencing physical violence by a relative,authority figure(such as teachers), or an intimate partner prior to the age of 18.

The highlighted above situations necessitate Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation (SMF) to work on strenghening Child Protection and Child Rights Governance services in Tanzania.Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation(SMF) works with selected government bodies and other partners to build capacity  of social workers workforce available and enhence skills of other services providers such as police Gender Desk and para social workers to work in more coordinated manner. Moreover,use cultural performance as edutainment approach to increases children and community member’s awareness on child rights and promoting child safeguarding practices by fostering parents and children to report VAC incidences at community and school level.It further strenghthen capacity of children at schools through Sauti ya Mtoto wa Tanzania club and at community levels depending on the responsible institution to enhance child participation,adequate resources allocation for child protection services and allocating enough social workers workforce hence improved good governance for child rights.Likewise children are empowered to protect themselves.