Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation (SMF) empower children to solicit for their rights as related to access services.

As the Tanzania mainland children suffer for being unable to recognise their rights,especially mostly vulnerable children,Sauti ya mtoto Foundation(SMF),through one of our Program  known as Sauti ya mtoto wa tanzania advocates and campaigns for change to realise children’s rights and to ensure that their voices are heard.

what is advocacy?

For Sauti ya mtoto foundation through Sauti ya mtoto wa tanzania,advocacy is the work we do to influence the policies and actions of the governments,national institution and private sectors in order to achieve positive changes in children’s lives.

our advocacy and campaigns build on the inslaghts generated by our programmes through Television,seminers around Tanzania mainland.We know that we can only sustain the impact of our programmes and take that impact to scale,by persuading and challenging governments and other institutions with power and resorces to change their own policies and practise.

Advocacy encompasses research,communication,public campaigning, interviews, and video series to be watching and listened through television(TV) and Radios.

In different situations,our advocacy can be focused on securing formal policy changes,driving implementation,or creating an enabling environment for change.