Purchasing assistive aids to 76 disabled children in Bunda district

Project is aiming at helping children with disabilities. By providing assistive aids to disabled children as well as building their capacities, it will simplify their day to day lives.

We intend to help 76 disabled children. Project is intended to take place in Bunda district which is located at Mara region alongside Lake Victoria zone in northern part of Tanzania

Bunda is a district which is located in Mara region alongside Lake Victoria zone in northern part of Tanzania. In this district the disabled children have been oppressed marginalized and stigmatized in almost all societies which is led by high rate of both illiteracy and poverty.

Over 170881(estimated) population of the children in Bunda district 3% are disabled due to different reasons which is highest number compare to other districts in Tanzania.

Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation plans to help 76 children with disabilities in Bunda District who are in need of different facilities that will support them in their daily routine at schools and home as well, also giving mass education to parents who hold their children with disability without sending them to school, Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation focus is equal access to education and health system and having equal opportunities in all levels of a society.

This project targets disabled children who have vision impairments, physical disabilities, mental
disorders, deaf or hard hearing and children with Albinism, who have been oppressed,
marginalized and stigmatized in almost all societies in Bunda district, this have led them to be
denied their rights to education, health and social aspects

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