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    SMFhas a Total of 10 staff dedicated to implement project activities in the areas of Children protection,environmantal concervation and natural resource management,education and health. Some of our staff are as indicated below.

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    In Tanzania, Violence against Children (VAC) Is a daily reality for large number of Children and do take direct and in direct forms

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  • Education and Health Service Support

    SMF empowers children ,parents, guardians and the communities to protect themselves from sexual transmited deseases as well as promoting access to precise information regarding quality ,equitable,affordable and acceptable contraception methods

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    The project aims to arouse the voice of children and ensure improvement of welfare and dignity of children in Tanzania

SMF Background

Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation is a non profit organisation which was founded in 2017.It become legally registered under the Non-governmental organisation Act,2002 of the Laws of Tanzania in the Ministry of Community,Development, Gender and Children in 2018 with registration number No.0009450. Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation (SMF) operates both grassroots and national level specifically in Tanzania Mainland.Currently it has its  head office located in Dar es salaam. Read More…

  • Child Protection

    In Tanzania, Violence against  Children (VAC) Is a daily reality for large number of Children and do take direct and in direct forms. Tanzania’s first national study  conducted on violence Againist Children  (VAC,2009 report)

  • Advocacy

    Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation (SMF) empower children to solicit for their rights as related to access services. As the Tanzania mainland children suffer for being unable to recognise their rights,especially mostly vulnerable children,

  • Capacity Building

    This is one among Sauti ya Mtoto Foundation (SMF) intervention area that targets community groups and community based organisations, to include but not limited to children’s  thematic areas,environmental conservation and natural resources management.


    Water,Sanitation and Hygiene related diseases remain one of the most significant child health problems worldwide.Likewise,Tanzania has a relative high level of househood


    Most  of  children in Tanzania mainland, especially in the village they fail to receive education because  most of the family are poor,illiterate,lack of social services including school,health service ..

Organization’s Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To promote and enhance children welfare through community awareness creation,capacity building, economic empowerment,advocacy,and support in areas of education and health services.

Our Vision

To have a community where children welfare is priority in development endeavours.